(ev) high voltage training courses: Vehicle technology & battery technology

All necessary qualifications in accordance with DGUV I 209-093 for the development and production of (ev) high voltage vehicles, HV components and HV batteries.
Both individual training courses for small teams and entire plant qualification (development of a complete production workforce)

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(ev) High Voltage qualification levels

EV high voltage training steps
Electrical lay person
Use of the vehicle as a non-commercial driver and end customer.
Specialist high voltage (ev) instructed person (iP)
Non-electrical work; such as changing wheels, body work, acting as a test driver, working on the 12 V electrical system, replacing intrinsically safe high-voltage components when HV (ev) disconnected.

DGUV I 209-093 Level 1E

Specialist high voltage (ev) (SHV – entry A & B)
Independent electrical engineering work incl. Disconnection and recommissioning according to checklist, replacement of high-voltage components, work on the high-voltage system in disconnected state.

DGUV I 209-093 Level 2E Entry A or B

Specialist high voltage (ev) (SHV – entry level C & D)
Work independently on high voltage vehicle, troubleshooting, failure analysis and evaluation. Self-instruction in new types of vehicles after documentation is allowed.

DGUV I 209-093 Level 2E Entry C or D

SHV with live line work (LLW)
Necessary live line work with the additional qualification LLW and only according to the conditions of § 8 DGUV regulation 3.

DGUV I 209-093 Level 3E (build on level 2E)

Chief responsible electrical specialist (CRES)
The chief responsible electrical specialist assumes corporate responsibility for electrical safety. This applies to both the development and the entire production of (ev) high voltage vehicles, batteries or components.

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    Which (ev) high voltage training course is the right one?
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    High-voltage expertise: battery or vehicle technology?

    High-voltage vehicle technology training

    (ev) high voltage vehicle technology

    In the development and production of entire (ev) high voltage vehicles or high voltage components, all employees must be trained in accordance with DGUV Information 209-093, DGUV Regulation 3.

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    (ev) high voltage symbol

    (ev) high voltage battery technology

    In the development and production of (ev) high voltage batteries, the qualifications required in accordance with DGUV Information 209-093, DGUV Regulation 3 must be adapted to the circumstances.

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