After the summer break and the vacation trips, it’s also nice to be back home. For us as experts in (ev) high voltage, this is Hamburg. Since Hamburg’s city traffic doesn’t care whether you’re standing in front of the Elbe tunnel with a high-voltage vehicle or a combustion engine, we love our HVV and take the train and bus.
Today our theme is (ev) high voltage for the Hamburg elevated railroad!
And what’s happening there makes us immensely happy. In the spring, for example, the Hamburg public transport company alreadyordered 30 electric buses. For some years now, hybrid buses have been increasingly in use as high-voltage vehicles in Hamburg, but soon fully electric buses with (ev) high voltage technology are to electrify public transport in the Hanseatic city alongside the subway and S-Bahn.
The 240 and 250 kWh batteries are charged exclusively at night in the bus depot. This is no longer an experimental project, as Hochbahn CEO Henrik Falk confirmed: “For the first time in Germany, we can put electric buses into operation that are ready for series production. This is a milestone on the way to a green bus fleet in Hamburg.” The Hamburg Senate announced that from 2020 only electric buses will be purchased. This was also confirmed by Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH).
Good news for all Hamburg residents who enjoy riding our HVV and are looking forward to taking a seat in fully electric high-voltage vehicles.